Botox Isn’t Just for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Botox Isn’t Just for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Botox and its Benefits

While many people think of ‘miracle wrinkle eraser‘ when they hear Botox, it actually has more benefits than ridding the face of fine lines. An exceptional example of this is Bethenny Frenkel and her new look. She interviewed with the Daily Mail in New York about how her jaw has changed dramatically. People took notice and here’s what she said.

According to Daily Mail, she explains that she has had trouble with grinding her teeth at night, and even though she wore a night guard for this, it still tensed up her muscles in her jaw line.

“‘My jaw from grinding for so many years was like this,’ she says, holding her fist tightly to illustrate. ‘It’s like a muscle, it’s like working out with weights.'”
“‘About three years ago, my dermatologist said to me, why don’t we try injecting your jaw because it’s so tense,’ she explained. The Botox was used to redefine her jaw shape and make it softer, rounder.

Botox; Getty Images for Daily MailBotox; Getty Images for Daily Mail


“It has softened her once strongly defined square jawline and altered the shape of her face.”

Compare these photos from 2013 (left) and now (right). She admits that her square jawline is noticeably different and is really happy with the results.

While she claims to have this done just for relaxing her jaw muscles, it also looks like she did it to fill out her jaw.

What do you think? Has this changed your opinion on Botox?

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